From $20.00 per night

Type a number 0 (Zero) if you aren’t bringing any – These horses will be put in sided stalls when possible


  • 2. Stall and camping requests will be assigned in the order received through the online reservation
    system per the order of the following criteria: a. Grouped by state or province (there are a finite number of stalls and campsites for each
    state or province). Once the state or province location is full, participants will be assigned as
    close to their group as possible. b. By stall type/recreational vehicle size. There are a limited number of shaded stalls on the
    grounds. Once shaded stalls are filled, non-covered stalls will automatically be assigned, no matter your request.
    3. Stalling or camping next to friends:
    Being assigned stalls and campsites next to friends is not guaranteed. To increase your odds of being assigned next to your friends, we recommend that you combine your campsites and stalls and make ONE joint reservation and split the cost among yourselves. Overwise, making your reservations on the same date and at the same time may be helpful.


  • Check-in time 2:00 pm
  • Check-out time 2:00 pm

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