Stall/Campsite Reservation Process

Welcome to SSIR Stall & Campsite reservation system.

1) All stall & campsite reservations must be made online prior to arrival. Phone or email reservations will not be accepted.

2) Stalls & Campsites will be assigned in the following manner:

     i) Participants first will be grouped by affiliated state or province. We have made our best effort to estimate the number of participants coming from each state or province and have allotted a finite number of stalls/campsites per state/province based on the estimate.

     ii) Once the designated state/province location is full, participants will be assigned as close to state/province location in the order reservations were received.

     iii) The number of stalls required/recreational vehicle size may also be factor in determining assigned location.

     iv) There is a limited number of shaded stalls on the grounds. Not everyone will receive a shaded stall.

     v) Cinder block box stalls. An option is available to select 10’ x 10’ cinder block box stalls for special needs horses or studs. These box stalls are not located with a specific state or province.

3) Stalling or camping next to friends:
The only way to guarantee a stall or campsite next to relatives or friends is to combine your stalls & campsites and make one (1) joint reservation and split the cost among yourselves.

4) There will be NO moving of stall or campsite locations once assigned. Don’t even ask.

5) No reselling of stalls/campsites.

6) No portable stalls or tie-ups permitted.

7) Refunds (less admin fee) close on June 26, 2022 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time. Approved refunds will be issued at the conclusion of the rodeo.

8) All participants must check-in at the stall/RV office upon arrival.

9) Arrivals days and time. Participants may not arrive prior to 8:00 AM, Monday, June 27, 2022. No one will be permitted to check-in between 12:00 AM and 6:00 AM.